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Taimanin Shiranui: Inyoku no Dorei Shoufu cover

Taimanin Shiranui: Inyoku no Dorei Shoufu


This new hentai will be created in honor of the 10th anniversary of the game Taimanin Yukikaze.The OVA will be a prequel to the Taimanin Yukikaze hentai. This series tells about Shiranui, the mother of Mizuki Yukikaze, who went on a mission and disappeared, since then nothing has been known about her for five years. Time passed, and her daughter Yukikaze, together with Rinko and her brother, came to the solution of the possible location of Shiranui. In the new episode, we will see how she was captured, raped and sexually trained to become a first-class whore.

The training story of Yukikaze’s mother, the captive “anti-magic ninja Shiranui”, is now revealed!

While on a mission, Yukikaze Mizuki’s mother, Shiranui, fell into the hands of Nomad in the underground city of Yomihara and disappeared.
Yukikaze’s mother, Shiranui, is being trained by the king of whores, Kuroi, to become a prostitute.
As part of the training, she is assigned to perform a training show for Leal, the owner of the Under Eden brothel.
At the request of a customer, she is temporarily blinded to enhance her sense of smell and sensitivity, and is forced to play for pleasure.
Shiranui is brought up on stage, where she is subjected to the perverted sex of the audience, and the humiliation and pleasure of being a meat lover is imprinted on her…


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