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Taimanin Asagi 3 cover

Taimanin Asagi 3

Taimanin Asagi 3 対魔忍アサギ3

The near future, Japan, where the presence of is envying.
The implicit rule of "do not interfere with each other", which has been protected since ancient times among human beings, is
People began to show pleasure after they went outside, and the criminal organizations and companies that had committed themselves became dark, and the times fell into chaos.

However, people who walk the right path are not powerless.
The government of time organizes a group of "Shinobu things" that can be opposed to "magic" with human beings,
It countered the evil of the human devil.
People call them "Anti-Shinobu" ---

Abandoned island "Tokyo Kingdom" floating in Tokyo Bay.
Asagi, who infiltrates the things that give to the devil who fled there,
There was a serious injury that caused me to lose my limbs during the battle.
From the nephew with Asuka, the fire lid to the fierce battle of Asagis vs. Mashinin was about to be cut off ...!

Asagi, Sakura, Purple, and Asuka. The last fierce battle blows off!

Series "Anti-Shinobu" series of 300,000 big hit works.
The original game "Tomanashi Asagi 3", produced by the brave members involved in Lilith's work, is animated!
The beautiful image of the two Ohara painters representing Lilith's work, Mr. Kagami and Mr. Tatsumi, is reproduced in the animation by designer Yuzuru Yuzu supporting ZIZ!

Asagi who is tossed by the Ninjutsu "Fire of Fire" triggered from the love of Kosuke's younger brother Kosuke!
Sakura and Murasaki fight in preparation for death to protect the five-car school without Asagi!
The noble and beautiful anti-Shinobu are envyed to the mischievous Ahe-Hell of the evil rape!
Asagi who is taken hostage by Kosuke who exchanged hearts and is sealed off action!
Is there hope for resurgence in the trap of despair!


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