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It is a land infested with monsters. Kessalia is an abandoned city covered in darkness and distorted flesh. Sister Labian is ordered to investigate the land that was destroyed during the night and, with her mission in mind, she heads alone through the forest where the moonlight is dim. “It’s more dangerous than I expected…. We have to proceed with caution…” In the dark forest surrounding the village, there are strange creatures wandering around without understanding. That’s the monster targeting its prey. Ravian was attacked by a monster and was fucked up helplessly, but when he suddenly realized, he was looking at himself standing there without incident. It was as if he had just had a nightmare. In the gap between the horrible reality and the dreams, Ravian points even further. Under the moonlit night, the roars of strange creatures resound. Every time I wake up from a dream, I find myself in hell again!


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