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69: Itsuwari no Bishou cover

69: Itsuwari no Bishou


A girl with excellent grades, a modest personality and a beautiful smile. Midori Aoi is a hard-working woman with a smile who strives with all his strength. Today, Midori is smiling all around and enjoying the blissful moment of being cheered on not only by the opposite sex but also by herself. sex, but it has many things to do. Due to an unexpected error in the test results the other day, he suddenly falls away from his normal position. Midori panics and takes action as her hard work so far is in vain. She manages to reach a step, but her opponent is her homeroom teacher and rumored to be an idiot, Izumi Kuwabara. However, the method he unintentionally used against an opponent who was more formidable than he imagined was… This is the teacher’s fiancee, Mr. Yoshimura. That is? What plays on Midori’s smartphone is her fiancé Maho Yoshimura having fun with several students. Scene: Midori, engaging in a dangerous negotiation, is suddenly faced with Izumi’s shifting hands and her exposed cock… Midori, who has been able to move without problems. around the world, he suddenly realizes his mistake. That’s when I felt the pain of my cock being forced deep into my first bud…


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